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anyone have a hosted provisioning for pbxnsip?


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i'm curious if anyone has a done a web based provisioning for pbxnsip?


For example: they type in their contact info and a user name and password and pbxnsip sets up a standard config domain for them and emails them their credentials.


we have been solely installing on premise equipment --so maybe something I'm really missing here but it seems like it could possibly be simple.



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i'm curious if anyone has a done a web based provisioning for pbxnsip?


Depending on your phone type you can just run a very simple redirection service. Then the web server just needs to look up the MAC address and then redirect the request to the right PBX which will do the details.

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i think your misunderstanding my need.


I want to let a user self-provision a pbxnsip domain. (my goal is to provide a free, hosted pbxnsip server for clients to play with pbxnsip on. ..instead of working thru installing it on their trouble-prone network ;-)


The way I see it:


user would type in:

domain name:

email address:


{other contact inf}


then click submit.


If pbxnsip domain already created then we would get red error message saying "try another domain name"

if domain doesn't exist:

-create new pbxnsip domain,

-email the user with the login credentials...(and how to setup phone handsets)

-email the pbxnsip domain admin


some things things that would be nice if we do this:

-ability to attatch more customer contact info to a pbxnsip domain

-system level ability to set default domain config used when creating a new domain.


I suppose we could write the code to do this...or even do it manually for them if we don't have much traffic. Just curious if someone else already invented the wheel. ;-)



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Oh for that you would have to run another server. That server would talk to your CRM and then make the decision if the domain (and where!) it should be set up. Then after aproval, it would "restore" a template domain on the selected server. In PHP, that should be possible.

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