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suggestion: administrator level ability to update pbxnsip


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it would be really nice if there would be a button in the UI to update pbxnsip and restart.


especially for the betas...;-) i know i'm lazy...but most other software does this. just a little suggestion.



yea right it would be great, i am haveing an issue to update my win 32 from

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Just that for a linux box (even more than windows) getting our guys trained to login into the console and all the commands seems unessesary. Most appliances have an update button.


Well, we could add the option "check for updates" which will load new versions and then at midnight automatically update the PBX. The problem with that is that you should "never change a running system". We all know that every upgrade has problems with the interop, and such an automatic upgrade would probably cause more grief that help.

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