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Anyone use voip.ms?


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Maybe you can post the settings that you were using. Then others can use it as reference.



Name: VoIP.ms

Type: SIP Registration

Direction: I/O

Trunk Destination: Generic SIP Server

State: Enabled

Display Name: YOUR NAME

Account: VoIP.ms acct. #

Domain: chicago.voip.ms [or the local VoIP.ms server of your choice]

Username: VoIP.ms acct. #

Proxy Address: SAME AS DOMAIN


Proposed Duration: 120

Keepalive Time: BLANK


Diversion Header: Default(RFC)


Remote Party: RFC3325 (P-Asserted-Identity)

Rewrite global numbers: NANPA (11 digits)

Avoid RFC4122 (UUID): No

Generate unique extension identifier: No

Interpret SIP URI always as telephone number: Yes

Caller ID update on trunk: SIP INFO


Is Secure: Yes

Explicitly list addresses for inbound traffic: SAME AS DOMAIN & PROXY ADDRESS


Codec Preference: G.711U; G.729A


Lock codec: Yes

Strict RTP Routing: No

Trunk requires out of band-DTMF tones: No

Requires busy tone detection: No

Ringback(Support early media): Media

Force local ringback: No

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