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Yes. Other vendors are welcome to join the team of easy and fast button updates!



Is there a way to manually configure the buttons on a Polycom (specifically a 14 button attendant console) by hand editing the xml files on the server?


If so, could you give me some advice on how to get started (which files to edit and where to put them)?




Thanks, Tim

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Not yet. We need to talk to Polycom, they would have to add this feature to the firmware release.


I'm interested in this also. We're about to do a large (50+) handset deployment with Polycoms and PBXnSIP, and there is a requirement to get the attendant panels working. Using the "watch calls/presence" from the extension menu will populate BLF on 601/650's and attendant panels, but beyond that I can't get anything to work. As far as I can tell from the Polycom manuals, you should be able to use the <attendant/> tag in the phone file to specify which button does what, but so far all my attempts to do this have failed.

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I tried using the "watch the calls of the following extensions" and "watch the presence of the following extensions" fields on the general tab of the extension of my polycom 601 and I'm not seeing anything other than the 601's own extension on it's buttons. Is there something I'm missing?


The only way I've had this working reliably is to do format the file system to reset the whole phone, then change the server at boot to TFTP, and have it reload everything. Not ideal in the slightest, but it works. Just hope you don't need to change the list of extensions being watched too often!


I'm still confused as to how the phone actually knows what extensions to watch, as when I was testing I couldn't see anything in the generated config files regarding the extensions.


You can try what gotvoip suggests here, I'm afraid I've not had a chance to yet :



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