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export config pbx using 100% of cpu


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hi there,


after exporting configuration my cpu went crazy:


49 pbxctrl-da 159.6% 14:20.48 50 109 146 113M+ 188K 117M+ 258M


version (Darwin)


Is it after exporting or during the export?


Anyway, export configuration was originally meant for the appliance (cs410, as it does not have tools to backup the filesystem easily). If you are on any other OS, I would suggest to use the tools provided by the filesystem itself.

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i suggest not to think that way. (use o/s to backup) Backup may be one thing but then there are other areas in pbxnsip where this shortcut is taken and it makes pbxnsip somewhat "klunky" to admin. for exampe: drop to o/s to add music on hold files, drop to o/s to to reboot o/s right now, drop to o/s to reboot pbxnsip service ...those types of things. So now i need 2 admin logins to admin the pbx? and it can't be entirely admin'd from web ui.


software pbx large uptake is due to easier admin--not because people like O/S commands. ;-) The easier to admin --the more uptake.


When pbxnsip creates an appliance (plug/cs410,new ones that will come) then this comes back to bite. What commercial firewall do you have to drop to linux to reboot it right now?


I'm a fan of pbxnsip, it has tons of features, is rock stable, and runs on incredibly small requirements .so this is a small thing --but i suggest not adding more things that can't be done from UI. pbxnsip should be able to be entirely admin'd from ui. (if you want to add power shell for cmd line administrator then cool--but not half and half. ;-)




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