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Long Distance Calling


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Greetings all,


I have been going over this for hours, and I just can't find an answer. I upgraded our system to V4, and ever since then, we cannot make long distance calls out. They can call us, but everytime we try to call a long distance number, it rings, but then says "Your call could not be completed as dialed." I am not sure where to look anymore, I have looked through the dial plans and the trunks. We don't do anything fancy with ou PBXnSip system, but it just won't work. Please help!






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Are you using country code "1"? Then check you dial plan. If you want to match a domestic call destination, this must be in 10-digit format (no leading 1).

We are using the country code 1. As for the dial plan, I tried editing it to make it work, but I just don't know enough to try to get it working. Is there a good page explaining what you mean exactly?

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boy it could be alot of different things. got a SIP trace?


I would guess your trunk Rewrite global numbers needs adjusting.

Thanks for the tip too. I did try adjusting the trunk Rewrite global numbers as well, but with no luck. I just cannot tell what changed when I did the upgrade to V4. I don't have a SIP Trace either. I really don't know much about the phone system either, I was just tasked with doing this.

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