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anyone else noticing widespread sip attacks?


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We have a system that is being attacked by a big number of IP's all around the world. (100's of ip's)

Anyone else seeing this type of attack?




We have seens the following addresses over the past few weeks: (a lot)

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here is our list in the last day:

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Our research is indicating:


-a SIP brute force Botnet appears to in operation

-It is not a massive botnet, perhaps several hundred bots worldwide (our estimation)

-very few bots in the USA

-user agent = "Asterisk PBX"


If there is anything else that would help anyone, let me know.





As you know Matt, I am currently tracking the same thing. we are seeing hundreds of hits per day. There has to be a setting in the PBX to block them permanently. I saw one today that got an extension on the second try. Good think I have secure passwords!



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We use a honeypot application at various IP's throughout our network to find scanners. most scanners first send an OPTION message to see if your SIP port is open. our honeypot detects this and processes a block to our core router.

This has been very effective at stopping unwanted traffic before it becomes an outage issue.

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