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Strange Codex thing in logfile


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Can anyone explain the strange codex use and transcoding that seems to be happening since I started up Pbxnsip version 4 (latest version).



Sending RTP for 3c2babd5d497-evfazu85tsm2 to, codec not set yet

Dialplan "Algemeen Kiesplan": Match 011999999@pbx.praktijk.be to <sip:011999999@ssw0.brussels.weepee.org;user=phone> on trunk WeePee

Codec pcmu/8000 is chosen for call id 3c2babd5d497-evfazu85tsm2

Codec gsm/8000 is chosen for call id 6cf614d1@pbx

Sending RTP for 6cf614d1@pbx to, codec gsm/8000

Different Codecs (local pcmu/8000, remote gsm/8000), callid 3c2babd5d497-evfazu85tsm2, falling back to transcoding



Many thanks !

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