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Snom 190 Compatibility with Snom One ?


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do you have a lot of these? they are ancient! ;-)


Nostalgia on my part. We had these phones at our office about 7? years ago.




i would really suggest you think about upgrading if at all possible.

snom ONE does not have a pnp template for them in the standard product.

But you will be able to use them as a manually provisioned for sure. they will not count against non-snom devices.



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In fact, I was looking to buy some of those old phones as they're very cheap.


Despite SnomOne limitation, the best thing would be for me to replace my 5 Non-Snom devices and to take cheapest SNOM phones...


So I was wondering if such kind of phone could work with Snom One !


Thanks again Matt and PbxnSip for your concern in my topics !




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I would like to get cheaper phone.


For intance, I recently bought Swissvoice IP10S which are great phone.


THey were made in France. Great quality, graphic screen. I paid each 9,90 Euros. Yes Nine Euros ninety cent.


That's why i'm looking around for very cheap snom phone.


I called yesterday SNOM France and the interlocutor told me that it should normally count as SNOM devices but they won't auto provision.


Thank you for trying to check.



Kind regards,


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