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Change from PBXNSIP to Snom One


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We have two PBXNSIP systems running. One ist <10 User. One >10 extensions.


Until now replacing the pbxctrl.exe on Windows was all that needed to be done for an update.


How can I upgrade from PBXNSIP to Snom ONE? SnomONE seems to be only available as an installation file for a complete system setup.


We'd love to evaluate SnomONE on the smaller system with SnomONE free, and leave the bigger system to run PBXNSIP.


A small comment besides: Both Snom an PBXNSIP have always advertised the fact that SIP means vendor independence. By blocking other devices than Snom, Snom is moving back into the dark past of telephony, towards closed sytems. Our company would rather like to pay higher licence fees, rather than operate a crippled system, or having a small choice of telephones from only one manufacturer. We bought three 3m phones from Snom last year and all of them broke down within 6 months. Snom support wasn't able to help. So we had to replace them by Siemens devices. Their desktop phones are great, however. Now, should we buy mediocre phones only because the pbx requires this. That's not the idea behind SIP.

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I will not comment on the openess of snom ONE. That is snom's baby. ;-)

...but i will suggest to you that you won't curry favor with snom by calling their products "mediocre" ;-)


But on how to test snom ONE. I believe you can upgrade to the latest version of pbxnsip in the good old fashioned way. Then goto the "License" page and select "use eval copy" and it should be turned into the limited UA, snom ONE license.


Test it to ensure. You can always go back to you full key. snom ONE is pbxnsip with different graphics.



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