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‎​Including devices appropriate for deaf clients


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Well, that is actually a long topic. We actually had someone on board who was almost deaf, and learned a lot about this topic.


There is a RFC out there that specifies how RTP should be able to send text messages instead of voice. We dont support it yet; and I am not sure if there is any equipment out there that supports it.


As far as regular equipment is concerned, the problem is mostly the support for modem connections (like in fax). As soon as packets get lots, those connections also drop out or at least run into serious problems. There is a solution for fax (T.38) but for general modem I am not aware about a solution yet.


The good news for deaf people is that there is a general trend to support messaging a lot more (SMS and IM), so that the old TTY equipment can be replaced with up-to-date stuff like color-display cell phones and PC.

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