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Installing SnomONE on shevaplug


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I would like to know why when I try to install SnomONE on SheevaPlug I get the following set of errors at the end of installetion.


./postinst.sh: line 34: /sbin/chkconfig: No such file or directory

/etc/init.d/snomONE: line 8: /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions: No such file or directory

Starting snomONE-ctrl: /etc/init.d/snomONE: line 25: demon: command not found


If anyone could guide me through installing it I would be very thankful.



I'm not a Linux person, so my knowledge about linux is basic.




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Nah, nah don't do that. (CE)

Take a look a windows 7 embedded. This is really Windows7 bit for bit. (win7 drivers, etc.) It is just in a modularized package so it can be really small and only install exactly what you want. for snom ONE almost nothing would need to be installed leading to a really small footprint.





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I think maybe we have 2 conversations going here (possibly ;-) I'm talking about calmly engineering a nice, small snom ONE server that runs on Windows with all the time in the world. I think you need a solution ASAP.


Okay, windows 7 embedded standard is standard windows 7 componentized. Windows 7 embbeded COMPACT is actually window CE and runs on ARM. i think you'll spend a lot of time trying to make Windows Embed run on Sheevaplug. (unless someone has done it already) And I don't think snom will really want to make a snom ONE for ARM build?


So really cheap and ASAP is probably not going to both happen. ;-) The cheapest and quickest that i can think of that runs on windows:

-Microsoft Proliant Microserver ($349 +windows license)

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AFAIK it can also run Windows CE. It would be interesting if someone got it working on Windows CE. I know we compiled the PBX also for Windows CE (though i386), but I guess it should be no big deal to compile it for ARM.


okay, i see why your suggesting CE. Lower priced ARM systems would be available. Hmmm.


My opinion would be just get snom ONE so that one does not need to drop to the O/S to administrate it--then the shevvaplug/ any linux version is okay. Very few improvements would need to be made imho to get snom ONE "like the fireware on a linksys router".


some thoughts,


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