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Incoming Calls Disconnect Immediately


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Hey guys,


Thanks for taking time to read this post, any help is much appreciated. I am new to SnomOne and to these boards, so forgive me if this problem is an easy one for you guru's out there. I did search these boards but it seems I am the only numpty having this problem.


I have the SnomOne software running on a dedicated PC for testing. I have a couple of Snom300 phones connected as extensions to the same network and registered correctly. I have setup a SIP trunk to my provider and can make outgoing calls successfully.


My problem is that incoming calls (Routed to ext 201) ring once on the extension and then immediately disconnect. The calling party hears an busy tone.


I have captured the log file during this incoming call process and have attached it. I looked through the log but as I'm a newbie, I can't make sense of it.


If someone could please take a look and see why this problem is occuring and suggest my way forward to fix it, I would really appreciate it. I'm sure it's something I have not setup properly on the SnomOne.


Many thanks again,



Failed Incoming Call Log.txt

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The problem is that the phone insists to use G.729, but the snom free does not come with that codec. As the name suggest, snom ONE is for free, but the codec is not so we had to take this out. If you need G.729, you have to choose snom ONE yellow, blue or green. Alternatively, you can use GSM or G.726 codec, which also compress the voice almost like G.729.

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Many thanks for the reply, If this is the problem I will be eternally grateful.


If i need to change the codec (to G726 for example), do I need to do this on both the Snom One Software? And the Snom IP Phone itsef?


Where exactly is this set on both items?


Many thanks again,




PS. Do you know where I can Purchase the Snom Blue or Yellow in South Africa?

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