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Problem with v4.2.0.3981

R. Baltzer

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I have upgraded PBXnSIP version to the new version and now I have some provisioning problems:


My Snom 300 phones are not getting the configured function keys anymore (the phone is not picking up the config) and also the TFTP custom xml files (snom_300_custom.xml and snom_320_custom.xml) are not picked up by the Snom 300 and Snom 320 phones anymore.


I have reverted back to version and now PnP is working fine again.


My PnP config is based on the DHCP option 66 and my Snom phones have firmware version 8.4.27.


Could this be a bug in the new PBXnSIP version?


Kind regards,



PS: I have posted this same question at http://forum.pbxnsip.com/index.php?/topic/4328-v42-first-update-available/

but there it is still unanswered.

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Note that if you have button profile assigned to that extension, it will try to override the default assignment(snom_300_fkeys.xml). I think the extensions, be default, get assigned with the a "12 Buttons" profile, which would be wrong for a snom 300. So, can you please check if there is a wrong profile assigned?


Thanks for replying.


I understand that the assigned buttonprofile should overwrite the default button assignment, but that is my problem;

There are some Snom300 phones with assigned buttonprofiles and they still have the default Snom300 buttons.

So my guess was that the button assignment is not working.

Please note that the button assignment for my Snom320 phones is working fine, only the Snom300 phones are not getting the alternate defined buttons.


I have reverted back to PBXnSIP version and now also the buttons for the Snom300 phones are provisioned correctly again.


Kind regards,



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