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I want to use g729 codec


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I want to use G729 in all my extensions, but it doesn't work.


I'm trying to find info about this.


1- I heard that I need to buy the 729 Licenses, which I'm ok with but I need to know where?

2- Also if I buy the same amount of licenses that the snom one I can handle as extensions would they work?

3- Do I need a 729 License for the Trunk also?


Thank you.

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Unfortunately, G.729 is not a free codec and snom has to pay per concurrent call. AFAIK there is no license model available that allows paying per extension or even per system.



... but it's free in passthru mode. SnomONE don't support passthru too. Very very bad.


For example :


IP Phone generate a call in G729 codec. Trunk receive G729 codec. SnomONE G729 work in passthru and don't need to pay for it.


Pay licenses it's only for translation from another codec to G729 and from G729 to another one





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Well, you are talking about the "optimistic case". The PBX must be prepared for the case when one of the users presses the hold button (then the PBX has to generate music encoded in G.729A) or when someone barges into the call (adding the audiostreams requires decoding and then encoding).


We are thinking about adding more free codecs, then we don't have to worry about codec licenses so much.

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Yes, it's true. But maybe you can give to download sound files already in g729 codec. For custom music/sound, it's a users problems to translate right.



The G729 codec it's very much important and don't give the codec it's really a very big fault for your software.





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Same sort of issue with us (I'm testing out SnomOne free with a Snom820 and it's the best system I've ever played with).


I'm intending to supply the SnomOne free to a customer with about 8 x Snom821's however the issue is the lack of g729 as some extensions will be remote (openvpn).


I can't justify the jump in cost from SnomOne Free to Yellow just for the addition of g729 licenses. However I could justify a half-way product between free and yellow (same as free but with maybe three g729 licenses), providing the price was reasonable (approx £200 ?).


Are there any plans to introduce additional licensing options ?




I've been comparing the SnomOne to the Epygi and the Epygi has a nice feature in that it monitors bandwidth and after a set limit it switches in g729 for additional calls.

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Are there any plans to introduce additional licensing options ?


Yes thats a valid request and it is in the works.


Another option would be to use G.726 (known from DECT), which is 32 kbit/s. If you consider the packet overhead for 50 packets per second (16 kbit/s), you'll end up woth 32 + 16 = 48 kbit, versus 8 + 16 = 24 kbit/s for G.729A and 64 + 16 = 80 kbit/s for G.711.

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I tested out G.726 (extension to pbx) and it's quality is surprisingly good, I hadn't considered using that codec so thank you. However the quality of a trunk call to Sipgate was awful and I suspect it's something to do with the G.726 byte order on the SnomOne trunk.


For remote extensions we will be using the built-in openvpn option which appears to add an over-head of about 30K. My inaccurate testing shows that with vpn it's about 75K for G.726 and about 110k for G.711. The OpenVPN option on the Snom820 is excellent and rock solid.


Unfortunately using G.726 means updating the Snom820 to it's latest version which I find to be less stable than the previous issue, but thank you it's a good option.

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