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WAC Wishlist


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Unless I've missed something but it would be nice if an addressbook (LDAP) entry could be integrated in the WAC screen. I could lookup an address and initiate the cal from the WAC screen.


It would even be nicer if the WAC could be turned into a desktop application making it more robust. E.g. http://www.appcelerator.com/products/titanium-cross-platform-application-development/


And if all actual parts (my calls, call queue, extensions, conferences, park orbits, ...) could be made modular I could construct my own views and define my own look in changing the css.

E.g. I am not interested in a call queue, park orbits or conferences but would like to see the status of the extensions. And I would like to see this in a very compact window view on the site of my screen.

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i understand it is in the works.


(but not the cross platform part. likely just windows from my hearing)


I really do not understand why ONLY windows. We live ina cross platform world.

I wonder then why they have developed a Mac PBX version ?

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The cross-platform solution is JavaScript, and we can keep it this way (PAC/WAC/...). However in the Windows world, you loose sales if you come up with that solution simply because competing products just look so nice when made as native Windows application. Plus people would like to have the soft phone integrated, which is really difficult in javaScript.

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Please be consisted at both sites and make the clients also Mac, Linux, Windows, whatever browser there is in the world.


As a webdesigner you have to support all client's. That's why they make standards, not ?


All our users have Macs at their desktop ( + iPad, iPhone )

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