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snom 8xx series scrolls through whol addressbook before making a call


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We are planning to demo snom ONE tomorrow and snom 8xx phones.

There is a show stopping problem with 8xx seris: snom 8xx series scrolls through whol addressbook when making an outgoing call.


This looks awlful (and is awlful ;-)


is there something dumb I'm doing. snom ONE provisioned the phone.

I think i'm on latest of snom ONE and snom 8xx fw.




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I think it was discussed in the forum couple of times already. It is the issue with the LDAP. There are couple of options to get rid of this awful behavior.

1. Remove the LDAP port on the PBX, restart the PBX & restart the phone(optional)

2. Upgrade to a newer (beta) release.

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ha. such a carryin on. i finally got .4014 working...and then i was trying to remember...what was I going to test?


.4015 does not seem to work yet.


also, other than 8xx series scrolling directory...anything else to test?


(i know this is top secret, confidential stuff...;-)

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Looks like the .4015 is also the ftp issue. We will fix it later (as it did not have any new stuff, only extra logging for trunk registration).

There only handful of fixes/features in this version (.4014)

  • Domain address book is visible based on the address book preference setting
  • If the HTTP and/or SIP ports in use when you start the PBX, keep retrying without shutting PBX down.
  • Do not display "Missed call" on the phone when the call is picked up by another extension.

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