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Snom Vision


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It is extremely slow, I get page cannot be displayed sometimes too.


I thought it works similar to the Polycom expansion modules.


I need to set this up for a receptionist to watch 30 extensions, not fun to manually set up you buttons.


The snom wiki page really has no information.

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Yes I read that, I did purchase 2, for this client, I am certain that one of the Snom guys at a show told me you can use multiple.


I am not up to the paging delay yet, as I need to figure out how to manually set up buttons, I can't remember the last time I did that.


What do you use for receptionists, the old 300 expansion module and manually update the papers?


Polycom and all soft receptinist panels are no longer supported.


I need to talk to you one day about using Lync as a phone system.

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