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I am trying to initiate a call from my computer.


I thought the easiest way would be through HTTP





Two issues I was having

1) if connect=true is set (which I need) then external calls will not work, my phone rings i pick it up the call starts and dies. I found that from my extension to another internal extension there is no issue.

2) my screen comes up with my extension calling myself.


Does anyone know what I could do about issue 1 that is the more important one, and is there a work around for number 2?


OR do I need to move to CSTA to use Makecall? I dont know the first thing about CSTA and would not know where to start for this simple project.

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Thank you again,


On doing a search of the word Makecall I pulled up 6 finds.


All 6 finds mentioned the word Makecall none actually were on the subject of implantation of Makecall.


As to the wiki page you linked to,I dont see Documentation on implementation merely a list of available or will be available features.

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