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Some Viatalk trunks stop registering for a while

James Mahood

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Sometimes I see some Viatalk trunks stop registering for a while. This condition clears up after 10 minutes or so but during that time I can't receive calls.


If I change the trunk to use an IP address that trunk starts registering correctly.

If I change that trunk back to a domain name it will continue registering correctly.

If I have a line on an extension registering directly with Viatalk it continues to register correctly while the same trunk in PBXnSIP isn't registering correctly.

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This issue is greatly improved (maybe eliminated) by switching to ViaTalks new servers such as OptimusPrime.vtnoc.net which is in Los Angles. Find one close to you.

1. You must be running PBXnSIP version or Simultaneous ring won't work

2. You must disable Loopback detection or you won't be able to call from one line on the PBX to another.

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