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redundant setup


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We tried a couple of things, for example heartbeat with redundant NIC cards. At the end of the day, the easiest thing is to set up a virtual machine and use the VM tools to make sure that the device fails over. We have seen failover times in the 1 seconds area, and even calls in the ACD stay up. IMHO that is a great solution, and the virtualization comes with other benefits that make this really the best solution for failover IMHO.

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which vm environment could you recommend?


VMware, virtuzzio, virtual box, ....?


I know someone who uses VMware with great success; but probably also Hyper-V (Windows world) works fine. I dont know the others.


how is the license managed in a VM environement?

still mac address?


MAC is a problem. During the failover it might work for some time, until the next license checkpoint where the PBX would say "ooppsss". I would go for IP-based or just a snom ONE blue/yellow.

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I know this is an older thread, but I figured I'd put in my $0.02 anyways. We're successfully running snomONE on a Microsoft Hyper-V cluster. The failover time is very fast. We haven't tested to see if calls or ACD instances stay up, but most of the time when someone gets a dropped call they just re-initiate the call. They don't start freaking out unless they can't place the call again. We've seen mostly 20-30 second migrations.


I'm trying to figure out how to setup a distributed redundant configuration where one PBX is in one datacenter and the other PBX is an another datacenter. Anyone got any ideas on this one? ::cough ::cough snom? ;)

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Well from what we heared (VMware-based) failover can be done within a second, and calls stay up almost unnoticed. Maybe you can check if the failover heartbeat frequency can be increased in Hyper-V.


Syncronization between datacenters is all about bandwidth. If you have multi-gigabit, it should all be no problem; this is almost like the internal bus on the server. If it is in the megabit area, 30 seconds will be pretty good already :-)

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