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Bad implementation of codecs


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I noticed a very big problem on my SnomOne Yellow.


Due to bandwith problem, my customer need to use g729.


Carried with Yellow version, just 5 concurrent calls are allowed. This is ok.. but it's a lack of features when you can't buy these as single product.

Anyway, the problem is this:


If I set a trunk with G729 and one more (like GSM, for example) I expect that when 5 calls are reached, PBX will use the GSM! But it doesn't! It just drop my call.


This is a very big hole for g729 users.

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We are also not happy with the way the G.729A codec has to be licensed. The call-based license model comes from a world where large hardware boxes were using DSP to perform the codec calculations.In the SIP world, the call can re-negotiate the codec at any time; so even if you first negotiated G.711 you still might end up using G.729A.


Anyway, this problem is addressed in the next major release (AKA 5.0). There we have a more dynamic look on which codecs are actually used and if they are in use, we dont offer them any more.

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