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Multiple Identities


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I have a snom 760 which autoprovisiong is adding 2 extra identities that do not belong there. This is a remote phone being provisioned using the http://ipaddress/prov/snom760.htm.


The Qos/security has 201 for the http client, and has the domain provisioning password, and we expect it to be provisioned for 201 only. And it worked fine till last week.


However the phone is being provisioned for 201, 219 and 234. I tried removing the identities, deleting contents of the generated forders, however after rebooting the phone they reappear.


I verified the phones's MAC address is not listed on the registration tab of these extensions.


The snom_820_phone xml file shows all 3 identities.



The only thing I can think of, however I don't know why this will happen, these 3 users share 1 m9 base station, the MAC address of the base station is listed on the registration tab of these 3 users, and provisions successfully. I don't see why this will intefere with the 760 provisioning. This user has a 720 too which is on premise which is not being affected with this issue.

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I deleted the generated files, it gets recreated with all 3 identities.

Something seriously wrong, I removed all mac addresses from the extension 201, rebooted the phone, the generated file was created good.


I put back the mac addresses on 201, rebooted the phone, the generated file was created no good again. it had extension 201, 219 and 234 again. and also added a 4th. ext 309.

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