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No CallerID update on attended transfer


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As per the title I am having issues with the Caller ID updating when an attended transfer occurs.


When looking at the SIP trace on the receiving handset the P-Asserted Identity is always the person that initiated the transfer. It is not updating to be the external trunk ID.


Received from tls: at 22/3/2012 13:21:06:670 (489 bytes):


PRACK sip:45@;transport=tls;line=8gg2i362 SIP/2.0

Via: SIP/2.0/TLS;branch=z9hG4bK-786e1c01f663a1a0dcfcacc96a406222;rport

From: "AS" <sip:40@pbx.domain.com.au>;tag=60344

To: "BC" <sip:45@pbx.domain.com.au>;tag=1b32s1jnpo

Call-ID: f52b415a@pbx

CSeq: 31620 PRACK

Max-Forwards: 70

Contact: <sip:45@;transport=tls>

RAck: 1 31619 INVITE

P-Asserted-Identity: "AS" <sip:40@pbx.domain.com.au>

Content-Length: 0


Current version info (Have also tried the latest beta with no change)


Version: 2011- Alpha Monocerotids (Win64)

Created on: Dec 22 2011 14:15:39

License Status: snom ONE yellow

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In this case I think snom ONE sends the wrong caller ID in the P-Asserted-Identity. I am trying to get this fixed but for now the solution I found is to ignore this header. You can add this line in the provisioning template:

<ignore_asserted_in_gui perm="RW">on</ignore_asserted_in_gui>


Let me know if this helps.

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Thank you Kat.


That has allowed the phones to correctly display the Caller ID - However using ContactPad and/or Flexor Manager the Caller ID is not being updated. It is still showing as the extension that transferred the call.


Is there anything else that can be done short of a snomone update to fix the issue?

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Thank you Kat.


That has allowed the phones to correctly display the Caller ID - However using ContactPad and/or Flexor Manager the Caller ID is not being updated. It is still showing as the extension that transferred the call.


Is there anything else that can be done short of a snomone update to fix the issue?


As I understand it Chappo is referring to a problem that we have tried to fix in the ContactPad CTI software but we have not managed to solve it. Here it is: http://forum.snom.com/index.php?showtopic=1946.


We have tried to make use of the Action URL setting "action_received_attended_transfer" but without luck. We would really appreciate if someone from Snom would explain how we should use this action URL to solve the issue.


Best regards,



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I have attached a SIP trace of an attended transfer.


The issue is as follows:- We are currently using Flexor Manager (But have also had the same issue with ContactPad) in which when an attended transfer is sent through to an extension the software only reports the internal caller which transferred the call through - It does not update for the external parties number.


The attended_transfer action item is shown as -$local&remote=$remote&callid=$call-id&csta=$csta_id&active_url=$active_url&active_user=$active_user&active_host=$active_host&displocal=$display_local&disprem=$display_remote


We had the same issue on the phones where the external number would not show but changing the ignore_asserted_in_gui allows for the correct update - I presume that the "asserted number" is what is being passed to the Flexor/ContactPad software.


It has only been an issue with the last couple of snomone releases.


Is this what internal fault ID SONE-186 has been lodged for?


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The updated version still has not resolved the issue with Contact Pad / Flexor.


I have been doing some more logging and have determined what the issue appears to be - This is more evident when answering an external call (It is just not occurring on attended transfers).


As you can see from the logfile and SIP trace the initial http post sent to the PC includes a disprem with the star code pickup. It is only after a few seconds that the INFO message is received with the correct CLID.


Sending post request host =, file = /action_connected_url?local=45%40pbx.domain.com.au&remote=%2a6017&callid=08a9273c6eda-9rycw0bd21p6&csta=8&active_url=45%40pbx.domain.com.au&active_user=45&active_host=pbx.sgk.com.au&displocal=BC&disprem=%2a6017


The $display_remote key appears to be initially using the incorrect value.


The disconnect action url has the correct CLID however by that stage it is too late.


Edit: I have also attached the SnomONE log which correctly shows the CLID on the inbound call.

Ex45 SIP Trace.txt

Ext45 LOG.txt

log-2012-06-21 - SnomONE Log.txt

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The INFO is sent to update the caller id and I assume that is not ok for the flexor.


BTW, do you have the log from the version that worked? We will compare the 2 and see what has changed and hopefully can take corrective action.


The problem from what I can gather is that the http action_connected_url is getting sent before the info message is being received - If this case no matter what software is in use on the PC it will not have the correct CLID.


You can see in the logs that also each time that the phone call is placed on hold and retrieved that the CLID is the pickup star code again. Only when going into the hold or disconnected state and firing off the action_disconnected_url (and action_hold_url) that the CLID was correct - Which by this state is too late to update the CLID.


Unfortunately no I do not have a log from when it was previously working.

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Since you do not have the log from the working versions, we may have to recreate it on a older version here and verify the results.

Since we do not have the flexor/contact pad in the lab, it is getting slower to see/test which version of PBX software made this to fail. Is this something that can be downloaded or shared for testing?


This post sent to the phone I assume -, file = /action_connected_url?local=45%40pbx.domain.com.au&remote=%2a6017&callid=08a9273c6eda-9rycw0bd21p6&csta=8&active_url=45%40pbx.domain.com.au&active_user=45&active_host=pbx.sgk.com.au&displocal=BC&disprem=%2a6017

Is that right?

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That http post is sent from the phone to the client. This would appear to be an issue with the phone firmware and not the SnomOne.


You shouldn't need to have the software installed. The below settings should give you the same result as it should still send the post result.













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Not sure if those settings there require a http:// in front of the IP address to form a URL.


They were removed so to prevent the forum code from messing up the http.


But the topic of the caller-ID update is on the action list (discussing if the from-change can be supported by the phones).


That's good to know. Any idea of time frames?

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