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Dynamic IP with snomONE behind NAT


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I've got a snomONE behind a NAT router with port forwarding set for the relevant ports. I have also set the IP Routing list on the snomone such that it contains my public ip address. That all work fine without any nat issues until my public ip address gets updated by the isp.


I am not asking for STUN, but is there a way in the snomone for it to recognise what the external ip address is whilst keeping NAT ?

I suppose I'd like to input something like wxyz.dyndns.org and for the Snom to handle the rest.


Thank you.

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IP routing list (numeric) is really doing a good job with NAT,

But as it is a low level functionality, when you change the ip routing list,

you have to restart the pbx to activate the changes.


A few years ago, I wrote a script, mainly base on dyndsn.org script to track the ip change, automatically change the ip routing list and restart the pbx.

It worked, but not the correct way to do it in production environment with lots of calls.


It could certainly be possible to allow a text base input of the ip routing list,

the problem is that every time, this ip routing list will be used, there will be a name resolution to check if last used route is still the same ....


Fixed IP is not so expensive !





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Thanks for the reply Top System, that's interesting.


You are absolutely correct a fixed IP is not expensive and I'm pleased Snom have decided against stun.


(We are only having this issue because our dedicated voip broadband has been accidentally cancelled and we are sharing the voip with the general data broadband while the circuit is set-up again.)

When it was on the dedicated fixed ip broadband the Snom worked without any problem with the IP Routing List set and behind nat (Vigor 2820).

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Interesting regarding onwards. I've been thinking some more about this and I am considering using the dual wan capability of the adsl router we use to automatically switch incase of a broadband outage. However the public ip issue is still going to be present.


In our scenario it's probably not going to be an issue as we will hopefully move over to a super-fast broadband service when it becomes available. However I would have thought if the snomONE could be dynamic public ip aware behind nat (but not stun) then it might be a useful feature especially given that a restart is soon not to be required. But I'm probably the first and last person to think so :) .

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Well there are two ways to let the PBX know that the routing has changed.


First of all, tell the operating system! The PBX asks the operating system what IP address will be used when it sends a packet to some destination. For this, you don't have to configure anything on the PBX. So if your PBX should use a public IP address, configure it on the operating system level!


Second, if the PBX should override the routing table on the operating system level (which is a remarkable step), you can update that settings through a SOAP RPC. Older versions did not update the internal override table, that has been fixed in recent versions. Based on that, you can write a script that does whatever you want to do and then update the routing table in the PBX. Please remember that the PBX is a server, not a client where you can fix NAT issues with a couple of STUN packets.

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