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Lost IP Address


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You can try to use the IPv6 link local address, see for example http://snom-m9.blogspot.com/2012/02/whats-link-local-url.html for what that is. For example, you can use the link <a href="http:///a[fe80::204:13ff:fexx:xxxx]x">http://[fe80::204:13ff:fexx:xxxx] where the xxxxxx are the last 6 digits from the MAC address.

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I have tried entering http://[fe80::204:13ff:fe44:8682] in my address bar but to no avail.

I have also connected my laptop directly to the Snom One Soho ethernet port and running a wireshark

It appears to show the address as

"2 4.351450 SnomTech_44:86:82 Broadcast ARP Who has Tell"

but this does not work either.

I'd be grateful for any assistance. At the moment the unit is useless.


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