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Unable to connect to Voicemail


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I have a snomONE box setup with a pbxnsip license to support 3rd party devices. In this case Polycom IP 331.


I have setup a domain. Phones register and are calling in and out. All good there...


BUT - When you call voicemail, either by the message soft button, or by calling the extension number/starcode, the phone acts like it connects, but then it hangs, just sitting on dead air, never connecting.


I then connected a Polycom IP 331 in my VoIP lab, connected it to the same domain and it connects with out delay, asking me for my pin and playing my messages


What in the world could be causing this?


Thanks in advance!



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Looking at the pcap:


I get a "405: method not allowed" response from the client side.


I would guess that it could be a firewall blocking this traffic, but i think that this all runs off port 5060 and 80.


I had them try dialing the AA and it rang as busy. Again I can dial the AA from my VoIP lab connected to the same domain and get through.


What could be blocking this? Any suggestions or info is greatly appreciated.



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The issue was their firewall. It was set to - "SIP Deep Packet inspection". Similar to SIP ALG. Turned it off and the phones can connect to vm/AA.


Silly mistake - thought Id post the solution to any for anyone else who might experience this issue.


Thanks to those who posted!

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