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Accessing extension mailbox on m9/m9r?


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Hi, I've set up an extension mailbox for extension 500 (registered on a Snom 821), with "allow access for extensions" set to 501 502 503. 501 is a Snom 821 also, but 502 and 503 are Snom m9's. On the Snom 821 (extension 501) the extension mailbox works as expected - the MWI light comes on when a VM is left on extension 500, and pressing the voicemail button causes the 500 mailbox be called and messages can be accessed straight away.


With the m9 I'm having problems - for example, on extension 502 when a voicemail is left on 500, the "new voicemail" message appears on the m9 and the right hand button changes to "VM" (from "RSS") but pressing the VM button does nothing and shows "m" on the screen.


Is there anything I need to do to the configuration to get the VM button working on the m9?




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