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Snom One mini 4.5 secrets revealed


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I am posted this so that others out there don't need to go through what I just went through. I lost a customer and a lot of money.


It seams Snom is currently copying Apple's Sales Model hiding specs of all there devices and trying to suprise everyone. Except Apple releases all the specs when the product is released Snom does not.


I found out the hard way, that unlike the Snom One Free, yellow and Blue. The Snom One mini only allows 1 Hunt group and 1 auto attendant. The data sheet does not disclose this secret, I assumed it includes a standard Snom Yellow license.


My customer is retuning the Snom One mini, 15 Snom phones, a door box, and all the time I wasted setting it up, you can imagine the loss I am taking.


Here is the secret details of the Snom One mini license.


3pr: 20

acds: 1

adhocrec: true

attendants: 1

barge: true

callingcards: 1

cdr: true

colines: 10

conferences: 1

domains: 1

extensions: 20

hoots: 1

hunts: 1

ivrnodes: 0

lowrate: 5

name: snom ONE mini

rates: true

recording: false

salt: 15877

soap: false

srvflags: 10

upgrade: 10 01 2014

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Well the snom ONE mini is actually cheaper than the yellow and it does include the server hardware. So I think it is kind of logical that it cannot include the yellow license. Still a great bargain if you ask my opinion.


I don't think that snom tries to hide that information; it is just not well documented. Maybe you can write an email to the snom marketing so that they can clarify that in the product communication.

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Agreed, very well priced, that is why we ordered it instead of a yellow and a standard PC.


However if the licence is different it must state that in the data sheet and website. Once again bad communications. The distributor had no idea, We the reseller had no idea and many of the folks at Snom have no idea.


We can not afford to lose money on jobs because of lack of knowledge and bad communications.

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Frankly, posts like this scare me. We've a number of quotes out to customers using the Snom Mini and based on our conversations with our distributor, we believed the Snom Mini to be packaged with a full Yellow license. Is it a good deal? Yes - but its a deal breaker if we VARs look like fools in front of our customers.


It is definitely not logical to assume that this is not a Yellow license because the price is lower - That is a pricing decision by Snom and the expectation is that the price is set like that to promote the sale of phones and other Snom product. There is also no documented upgrade path between the mini to either Yellow, Blue or the 5.x product.


Distributors haven't been informed and there certainly hasn't been a communication via the webinar or other channels. There is a serious concern about the product management team at SnomOne, especially what is turning up around this new 5.x license model.


PLEASE Please, be more transparent and verbose with your Vars. SnomOne is a good product but certainly doesn't outshine the competitors in what is a crowded marketplace. Help us front line people shine in front of the new Snom customers we're approaching.

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Who exactly, I spent several hours on the phone moving from one person to the next at Snom sales no one seemed to know that this is not the same license as the Yellow, who created the data sheet? who created the other marketing material? who decided on what license file to create?


We don't appreciate being pushed from department to department and from person to person. We have no direct contact to the Berlin office, we deal the US office, and that is who we call and they know less about this than I do.

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