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Snom 821 Low Incoming Audio


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I have a Snom One Plus and I am running a Sangoma A200 gateway.


The incoming audio is very low especially on the 821 phones I have. (I also have 870s....the problem is still there just not as bad)



I cannot get the Sangoma A200 card to auto calibrate. I believe the firmware needs to be upgraded but I cant get anyone to help me with that. I would try it but I dont have root access to my Snom One Plus.



Is there anyway to increase the incoming audio level or is it the 821 phone itself?



I have tried raising the from PSTN audio level on the A200 card its at +12 right now and if its doing anything its minimal.



Any suggestions? This problem is killing my business and has been for a week.


I have emailed Snom and Sangoma about the problem and have had very half assed response.......both are telling me its the other persons problem.





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I guess in the old times they called that calibration. In order to make sure that the volume on the 821 is okay, call the mailbox. If the volume is okay, then the 821 is okay. Otherwise, adjust the volume with the Volume keys on the handset.


Then, if the calls from outside are still too low, then you must adjust the gateway volume as well. Sorry but I am not a Sangoma expert, but there must be some volume settings somewhere that I would just increase. Maybe the calibration is overkill, maybe (without being a PSTN expert) all you need it to increase the gain manually and you are all set.

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Try checking the codecs in the Snom gateway match the A200 . Also try checking the lock codec during conversation is on in the gateway settings.


I am running the G 711u codec on the Snom One Plus but I cant find the codec on the A200. Where do you find that on the gateway?

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Sangoma is already using ulaw 1st on the list then alaw 2nd.




if you're having a low volume issue on the line you can modify this on sangoma as well.





There is a patch on the calibration for older sangoma firmware, it would be a good idea to upgrade the software as well, if you would like us to upgrade the firmware for you please purchase a 1 hour ticket and we can get your squared away.



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