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Contact IVR Node with external Server (SOAP)


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Hi ,


A client is asking if a scenario with SnomONE is possible .


  • The caller enters a PIN
  • IVR Contact the external server (with soap/xml)
  • Lookup if the PIN is in a database
  • Play a confirmation message and hang up the call
  • Store the CDR to an SQL database

Is it possible ? Could you pplease provide me some guidance (or related bibliography) about the soap/xml (the xml schema should be put in the Sql Server?)?Should I use php to make the database lookup ?


Thanks in advance



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Further details about the case .


The SQL Database is Microsoft 2008 or 2012 . In the scenario the client wants SnomONE to contact the database and keep records about the caller id , the number of choice in the IVR message , the security PIN (another message announcing the entered PIN and asking for confirmation) and if the PIN is in the database , the SnomONE should play a message and terminate the call. In any other case it should prompt the caller to enter the correct PIN



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Hi ,


At the diagram shown in the following link : http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=IVR , can the SnomOne after capturing the DTMFs (before send it to the external server) play a message to the caller asking him to confirm the dtmf digits? Example : "You have dialed 123456,if it correct press 1". Then send it via SOAP to the external server.


Also is it possible for the CDR to contain the number of choice from the IVR message that the caller pressed ? (For example if he pressed 2)


Kind Regards

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