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TimeZone settings from US to UK format


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I'm using Version: 5.0.10m (Win64) and notice that we cannot change the time zone format from US to UK.

The difference is in the UK we use DDMMYY were in the US you guys always use MMDDYY. This I presume causes problems when provisioning the phones too as they are in US format when our customers require DDMMYY.

I have a snom870 on my system and although the date doesn't worry me, it would for the more fussy customers.


I know I've requested this for the Yealink handsets which I've been sent a beta copy, but is this being address under the whole system to push out the UK time zone format to 'all' handsets such as snom, yealink and such like?

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The Yealink template says:


#Configure the date format; 0-WWW MMM DD (default), 1-DD-MMM-YY, 2-YYYY-MM-DD, 3-DD/MM/YYYY, 4-MM/DD/YY, 5-DD MMM YYYY, 6-WWW DD MMM;
local_time.date_format = {enum extension lang_web 4 de=1}
So if you have de then it will pick 1, otherwise 4. Should it read:
local_time.date_format = {enum extension lang_web 4 de=1 uk=1}
or even:
local_time.date_format = {enum extension lang_web 1 us=4}
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You're missing the point of what i'm trying to say here.

When you open system settings then general, you are giving the options of the IVR and dialtone etc to English UK. Then you are given the option of entering the TimeZone to which if you select London the date format is shown in US not UK. From what you are saying it may not be an issue when the actual templates are rolled out but it is confusing to us who select the London TimeZone to see it is not in the UK format as it makes us wondering how can the system configure the correct TimeZone when it appears the wrong way round by this I mean it shows MMDDYY which is incorrect for the UK.


This may be totally irrelevant when pushing out the templates as the templates themselves may switch the TimeZone format around to reflect UK as DDMMYY. Is the latter correct?


If the templates themselves change the format to DDMMYY why does my snom870 say MMDDYY when I've selected everything UK?

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Oh so you mean that this is not about what you see on the phone, this is about what you see in the web interface?


We have shifted a few time display functions to JavaScript (for example the CDR in the web interface), which displays the time in the browsers language and also time zone. For example, the drop down for selecting the time zone still comes directly from the PBX; and there you might see the wrong format. But we are moving slowly but steadily to more and more JavaScript, so that this problem will go away almost by itself in the web interface anyway.


The templates are not run through the same engine like the web pages. Also, there is no JavaScript involved. You can see what has been generated in the "generated" folder. Also, the provisioning heavily depends on the vendor. It might be okay for snom, and not okay for other vendors. We are constantly improving those templates. Vendors are coming out with new models, new firmware, new features. This is a moving target; feedback is welcome.

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I have the same query... I'm in the UK, have selected UK language and UK audio files etc in Vodia, yet the time displayed on my Yealink handsets is MM/DD/YY, but for the UK it should be DD/MM/YY.

If I look at yealink_common.txt it reads:

#Configure the date format; 0-WWW MMM DD (default), 1-DD-MMM-YY, 2-YYYY-MM-DD, 3-DD/MM/YYYY, 4-MM/DD/YY, 5-DD MMM YYYY, 6-WWW DD MMM;
local_time.date_format = {enum extension lang_web 1 en=4 uk=4}

Based on how I read this, it's saying to use date format 1 (DD-MMM-YY) unless [enum extension lang_web] variable is set to en or uk, in which case use date format 4 (MM/DD/Y).

However date format number 4 is not the correct format for the UK, the correct date format for the UK is 3 (DD/MM/YYYY).

If I correct this template changing "en=4 uk=4" to "en=3 uk=3", I assume this will resolve the issue, but I also assume that this will only break in the future when an update is performed, as yealink_common.txt will get overwritten?

Is this something Vodia needs to fix in their templates so future updates are correct and don't break this change if I make it now?


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Ok we should keep UK and EN (which is en-US) separate and do this only for the UK. We can make this dependent on the audio language, its better than the web language because also in the UK most users actually use en-US. 

Starting in 67.0 you can just put this into the Yealink general parameter, it will override whatever is in the template so that there is no need to change the template for this.

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