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Multi-tenant setup


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Hello everybody,


Now I am testing the following version for multi-tenant solution:

Software-Version: 5.1.1 (Debian64) Build Date: Aug 17 2013 07:21:05 License Status: snom ONE free (Trial for multi-tenant)

And I experienced with some dificulties:

the first one - it is inpossible to "Create Bulk Account (Import CSV)" (if I need to migrate or merge previose domains or units);

secondly - the made extenitions are in inactive status (I did not find where can I switch on the status);

the third one - if I in a domain, that is not obveuse which domain I am serving right now; I have to "Switch to Admin" and after that I see the domains. Probably, that is a quethion of habit only.


Where can I get some manual how to cope with all these items?


Thank you in advance.

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About the CSV, you have to add a top line that explains each field of the bulk account creation.


For example:




As you can see above, each field corresponds to its value like type=extensions, alias=650 and so on.


Of course, it is not necessary to give all information of the account during bulk creation, you can always add them later.

But at least two fields, type and alias, are necessary to let the system know what type of account like extensions and what its number is.


For example:





That will create the two extensions for example.
Also if you want to skip a header field for specific extension that is present at the top, just add a semicolon ; without any value.
So if you download a list of users, the list is fine but you will have to add the header line on top for the fields in that list to be imported.
I hope it helps.
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