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Strange Call Redirection


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Ive got a cust that has a strange call example.


The call comes in and is redirected to itself. The call lasts 15+ minutes.


How/Why would it forward to itself? The call is hitting an IVR.


Here is what the call log looks like:


Time: 22:00
Dir: I
From: 669-600-XXXX
To: 1800470XXXX
Remote: +1669600XXXX (same as from)
Duration: 15:33


This call took place on Sunday when no one was at the office to answer/transfer this call.

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There is a service flag on the system. It is manually set so its hard to say if it was enabled when this call happened.


Is is set to forward to an outside number, but it is not the same calling number (669-600-XXXX), it is a local number.


Could something have happened that made the system forward back to the calling number?

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My guess would be that the service provider tries a re-invite and then something goes wrong.

You are correct. After 15 minutes the provider sends a reinvite then times out after 30 seconds and kills the call. Thats why its ~15:30


I modified the time out settings on the AA that this was hitting and it has cleared this issue up. Now im having a similar issue where they get to the general mailbox and it leaves a 5 minute long, blank message.

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