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restrict phone only for internal shortnumbers


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Hi all,


Does anyone of you know how I can restrict a phone so that he can only call 2 digits internal phone numbers to prevent that this phone/phones can call over the Trunk?

In some cases in companies there are phones exposed to visitors so that they can reach internally employees. I would like to restrict that phones so that they are not able to call any other number excepted the internal ones of the company employees.


Many thanks in advanced for your feedback.


With best regrads,


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Hi Administrator,


As I can understand it is enough to match the Account number in the dialpan and set the Trunk to NotAllowed,right? Of course the routing will then also be dependend on the Pref.

I tried it out but it does not seem to work.

Im still able to call out over the SIP Trunk from the extension 92.


Test Dial Plan:



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If it's just 1 extension you can create a new dial plan and restrict it from calling out.


This worked for me.


Pref not allowed Pattern * replacement *





[5] 19:10:26.624 APP: Dial plan 18452055142: 9785553333@studioangents is not allowed

[5] 19:10:26.624 APP: Destination is forbidden

[8] 19:10:26.624 MEDI: Port 13: state code from 0 to 403

[8] 19:10:26.624 MEDI: Port 13: Ignore double SDP

[8] 19:10:26.624 MEDI: Port 13: Send hangup with reason bye

[5] 19:10:34.624 MEDI: Port 13: 30 seconds callback set for force cleanup

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From the post of the user Vodia PBX "Posted 23 August 2014 - 01:15 PM" it should be possible to handel this in the same dial plan without to create a new one.

My entry in the Dial Plan with the Trunk entry "Not Allowed" has the Pref 1, I guess that the PBX processes the entries in the dial plan from the lowest Pref to the highest Pref, one by one and processes all that match a pattern. Right?

For what are the "C" & "P" check boxes used in the dialplan? I couldn't find any description on the online documentation http://www.vodia.com/documentation/index

Interessting is that on the documentation http://www.vodia.com/documentation/domain_dialplans on "Forced Matching" there is an example dial plan "Pref 101" where dialing 911 has the Trunk set to "Not Allwed".


Why does my entry where I'm matching the extension 92 with the Pref 1 is not working?

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Just to answer some of your questions the (P) in the dial plan is for PIN and the © is CLIENT MATTER CODE.


If you check PIN then the user must enter their PIN number the same way they enter it when checking their voice mail.


If you check "C" then the user must have an assigned CMC code enter in the domain address book, this is used for billing.


I am not sure why you're complicating the solution? You wan to use the same dial plan to not allow another extension to call out ?


the simple solution is to create a new dial plan as I mentioned above and assigned it to that extension, this will prevent the visitor from trying to call outbound but can still call internal numbers.

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many thanks for your replay


That's right I would like to have everything in one dial plan instead of creating multiple dial plans.

I did it like you mentioned with an additional dialplan and it works.

Afterwards I did the same with the Standard Dialplan, I mean I entered with the lowest Pref (Pref not allowed Pattern * replacement *) and it works to (but now all the extensions can't call out because of the match Pattern *).

So that means that it has something to do with the match Pattern that it does not work :-(

Any Idea why?

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This won't work with standard dial plan. You were on the right track when you created the new dial plan.


Is it that you want to include emergency number? if so you can have the new dial plan with the entry as well.


pref 100 trunk pattern 911 pattern 911

pref not allowed pattern * replacement *


so they can dial emergency number and restrict outbound call.

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