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is this to configuration with snomONE with different phones like snom, yeahlink and polycom

When someone call a monitoring phone we want to see the caller id.


One Example

When someone call secretary's phone, the boss want to see the caller id and decide to pick up or not.

Now we can see only via BLF the LED Status green, red etc without caller ID's this is similar for extension or groups etc.


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We setup a huntgroup only with one phone "Boss" and in the secretary account we try this setting and monitor via BLF the secretary phone.

"Include following extensions when this extension is being called:" and set the hunt group extension as extension where the boss phone is inside, this is not working ;-(

A direct call to the huntgroup is working


For a huntgroup we must set the extension number for this group to the secretary number and for the ANI of the secretary the huntgroup number ??

Is this your solution



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The "Include following extensions when this extension is being called" is a mini-hunt group that comes with every extension. There you can include other extensions, but not other accounts like hunt groups or ACD. It is meant for very simple key-system like deployments (e.g. home) where even a hunt group would be too challenging for the user,

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