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snom 320 limited flash memory


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We find not the right setup for the PNP Files to load a different language for example german in a snom 320.



We copy gui_lang_DE.xml in the tftp folder and edit the PNP File snom_3xx_phone.xml to <language url="http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/tftp/gui_lang_DE.xml" name="Deutsch" />

Can you point us to the right direction



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We'll test here.




You will have to download the language pack into the vodia pbx




restart the service then under the extension setting " Language" choose your language.


setting is called-Web language:


also the phone needs to be pnp in other for it to work.

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thanks for answer.

For new installations we use we 7x series the snom 3x are a lot in the field and we need a solution for this.


We try to change the language on the snom 320 with no success.

Our steps.


1.) First we load the xml files for german http://snomone.com/downloads/snomONE/audio/audio_de.xml

2.) Restart the pbx

3.) In the extension we set to german under "language for the webinterface"

4.) Restart the phone via factory reset and load the provision data via PNP


The snom 320 is english



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