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Moving domains from 3.4 to 4.5


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I have a few domains on version pbxnsip 3.4, and would like to move them to SnomOne version 4.5. My problem is that if I export each domain individually, the button profiles don't transfer properly. They either get jumbled or missing altogether. Secondly, I'm having issues with the trunks. Although they register correctly, the variables for the outbound caller id, completely changes. And lastly, the extensions no longer provision after the move. They need to be removed and re-created in order for them to provision again, and upgrade the firmware on the phones (7.3.30 to 8.4.35.)


Any ideas on how I can make the transfer smoother?


The reason I'm doing this, to to upgrade my legacy pbxes to 4.5 and then upgrade them all to version 5. I want all of them to be on the same version prior to the latest upgrade. Hence, I would like to do this as efficiently as possible.





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Well version 3.4 is quite old and it is not always possible to maintain all the database structure from such an old version while improving and adding things to our software.


We are on version 5.2.4 now and I am sure a lot has changed since then.


I am afraid the full jump cannot be made but whichever things don't work will have to be recreated as you mentioned.


Also, if you go to 4.5 now, ultimately you will have to face the same kind of problem going to version 5 base. So maybe, you could just go to the latest, just a suggestion, so that you do not have to repeat this process again soon. But keep in mind version 5 would mean a new license which has to be bought, if you decide to go that route.



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unfortunately there are no wizard to go by in migrating an older version 3.4 to 4 or 5 however


the best solution would be to install a fresh version 5 installation , we can then provide you with a temp license so you can get started with your migration.


You can open a ticket at the below link so we can better understand your migration as well as the best course of action in making your re-deployment a success.




register at the link above

please include the forum post on your ticket so we can track this accurately.



Best regards

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