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Problem with Snom One and Sipgate outgoing Calls no voice


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since 3 years we are using a snom one pbx, without any problems,

untill 2 days calls from internal to external are not working.


If we call someone we got no free sign, it rings at the external side but than you cant hear anything on both sides.

If external calls are coming in, the phones are ringing and you can pick up and talk normaly.


Realy difficult for us to figure out the problem, because the setup is untouched since years...


This is our TRunk Config:


# Trunk 2 in domain pbx.bb-st.local
Name: Sipgate Trunk
Type: register
To: sip
RegPass: ********
Disabled: false
Global: false
RegAccount: xxxxxxxx
RegRegistrar: sipconnect.sipgate.de
RegKeep: 30
RegUser: xxxxxxxx
OutboundProxy: sip:sipconnect.sipgate.de
Trusted: false
AcceptRedirect: true
RfcRtp: false
Analog: false
UseUuid: false
Ring180: true
Failover: never
HeaderRequestUri: sip:{to-user}@{trunk-host}
HeaderFrom: <sip:{trunk-account}@{trunk-host}>
HeaderTo: <sip:{to-user}@{trunk-host}>
HeaderPpi: <sip:{ext-ani}@{trunk-host}>
Glob: plus
CodecLock: true
Expires: 3600
Tel: true
TranscodeDtmf: false
InterOffice: false
UseEpid: false
Ignore18xSDP: false
Help would be great :-)
Thank you Johannes
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sipgate is not a constant. They are also taking care about their software and their infrastructure (which is a good thing!). If you are running the PBX for a couple of years without problems, I would assume that something on the sipgate has changed recently. The other thing you can check if anything on your firewall has changed.


We are also using sipgate for out termination into Germany, and so far had pretty good results. We have even added sipgate to the SIP provider drop-down for easy trunk setup.


The best way to get an idea what is going on is to generate a PCAP for the trunk call. Then you can see what is going wrong.

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Looks okay, except that there are only two RTP packets in the trace. There are two things that are unusual, first the provider sends a 183 followed by a 180 but that should not be a problem. The other thing is that the codec is G722, which could be an issue because that is not a typical carrier codec.


I would try to take the G722 codec out in the trunk (offer only G711 u-law and G711 alaw) and see if that helps.

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Thank you very much, that works for us.


A prefered Codec was not set,

now i set it to G711 u-law and G711 alaw and calls in both directions work.


Realy a bit strange that this happens now... Sipgate team Support wasnt helpfull nor friendly this time.


Thank you very much again!



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