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Sangoma support


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Yea so far the only card that we are supporting is Eicon/Dialogic through their SIP API. Sangoma is really a interesting topic, especially if it would be available for Windows. Need to investigate that!

Sangoma is available for Windows, and their hardware uses kernel/windows drivers that support a common UI called WANPIPE. I've used the hardware (I have an S518 ASDL card handling my entire network on a Linux router) and they are unbelievable. My concern here is that we'll get into an Asterisk scenario with a timing dependant situation. Sangoma cards feature multi-channel T1, T1, and POTS interfaces with Octastic Echo Cancellation (pretty much the best stuff on the market). Having native PSTN interfaces for PBXnSIP holds it back from Asterisk as a competitor and forces the use of quirky third-party equipment such as Audiocodes.


Asterisk requires a PRECISE timing system accurate to 1/8000th of a second! This is a absolutely an Asterisk limitation, not a fault of Sangoma which could roughly care less about timing as it generates timing internally. I think the Sangoma stuff needs to exist in a separate thread and use some sort of inter-process communication to move the voice data to PBXnSIP outside of REALTIME. to prevent the invention of a timing issues and clock jitter/skew. Perhaps reuse PBXnSIP's sip stack to take the data from WANPIPE "SIPify" it and have PBXnSIP use a sip trunk to communicate across the loopback. Just a thought.

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Has anyone taken sangoma PRI cards further?


I'm hearing:

-doesn't support fax

-caller id "name" issues

-windows netborder software only runs on 32bit.


Well, I am successfully faxing across it (as well as using a postage machine across it) (5 fax machines, and 1 postage machine). You just need to set it to disable echo cancellation when it detects a fax tone. As for Caller ID name, it is currently not supported, however I have been told by a Sangoma tech that it is in the works, and will probably be out in a few months. I have not tried it in a 64 bit environment. Does PBXnSIP even officially support 64 bit?

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Thanks for the feedback...I"m not sure if pbxnsip works with 64bit...




pbxnsip works in 64bit, I initially set mine up in 64bit and it worked fine. NBE does not, ok the driver is 32bit so the software can run, but since there is no driver there is no NBE. Sangoma didn't seem to be concerned at all when I inquired.

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