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  1. You find that on https://doc.vodia.com/releasenotes - the IOP were produced on a version that did not list the available options yet. The newer version show you right in the update page what is available.
  2. Its clear where the message is being generated, but not clear why there is now a list... It will take a few more days to figure that out.
  3. Next training will be in Texas - if you like we can share the slides with you.
  4. The scope would be within the ACD, not on domain level but it would send calls away if there is anybody else in the ACD. Maybe you can elaborate a little bit more on the use case, and then we can take a look what we can do to get as close a possible.
  5. Do you have a frame so that we can say exactly where the problem is?
  6. You can do this in the ACD - there is a setting on how many calls may be in the ACD and then redirect the number. But for the auto attendant there is no such setting.
  7. You can limit the number of calls in the domain settings on system level. Would that work?
  8. We had G.722 support for a long time. My estimation is that less than 0.01 percent of the calls were using it, even though most phones support it. There are a few things to keep in mind here. First of all, we have to keep in mind that every kind of transcoding reduces quality. Audio quality never goes up, even when using a great codec. If you are on Opus and then the call gets transcoded to G711, it sounds not as good as everybody using G711. That being said, there are very few (no?) SIP trunk providers that offer anything better than G.711. Internal calls may have great quality. The problem is that they are usually not the call generating revenue in businesses. Most modern HD codecs were written for client devices, meaning that CPU usage is not a big deal. However when you want to have 500 calls going on in the PBX, it is a big deal. It is debatable, but IMHO there is a certain user expectation about how a office phone system should sound like. When IVR sounds narrow band, callers have that warm fuzzy feeling they are talking to their good old (and reliable) phone system. From a sales point of view, Opus and HD are indeed a great way to wow new customers. That is currently probably the most important point. We have added Opus to the development branch, however this needs to be tested first and made sure that it does not cause any harm. We need to change the default priority of the codecs and put HD first. Otherwise nobody will ever experience HD audio on the Vodia PBX. We found only a few Cisco and Polycom models support it today. Its a chicken egg problem obviously, and the PBX should take the first step.
  9. Vodia also has an app - for Android. But it is not as good as other soft phones. Like with the hard phones, there is a market place for soft phones. Especially when it comes to small native apps, it IMHO is better to look at those apps. Customers are not stupid, they can search the Internet in one second what a good soft phone is and it can be hard to sell them the (only) one that comes with a specific PBX.
  10. Maybe you had translations turned on? That cuts you off from changes in the texts - maybe check if you have a translations.xml file and (re-)move it.
  11. ... keep in mind there is a market for SIP soft phones that is becoming as competitive as for the hard phones - giving you a great choice in terms of OS, pricing, look, integrations and so on. We are increasingly focusing on integrating those. CounterPath and ZoiPer are already well integrated with provisioning, and future versions will add more of their features as well.
  12. Looks like the link is not working any more?
  13. We will just not touch the SSH files unless this is a IOP in the next version - stay out of trouble!
  14. Well we have a Chrome extension - no idea how much different that is from Firefox. We could share the code with you if you want to take a look.
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