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Snom 360 Firmware 7.3.7 one way audio (FACT)


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Speaking of shooting oneself in the foot, read on.


We had a client with some intermittent call quality issues...Additionally they needed a VPN established for the corporate. Given this we need to add VPN firmware to their router, and while onsite I took the liberty to upgrade the CS410 to 2992. While I'm at it, I'm a big fan (experience) says I'd rather apologize to a client for problems induces by new firmware, than make an excuse for not having the latest firmware, should a HACK occur.


So I upgraded the firmware on the Switch, (surprisingly finding release notes related to QOS) and being there, let's upgrade the Snom 360's to 7.3.7


What's the old story, don't change to many variables............duh....


Focusing on the critical VPN IPSEC stuff with routes etc.... We then discovered one-way audio issues.....


After considerable traces, tests, etc.... I pony'd up the cash for support to help bail my rear out of this one....


That's what I love about America, Money Talks....


So here's the free lesson for everyone else.


Based on all the changes, I was mostly sure this was a routing issue, caused by the new VPN interfaces on the routers or perhaps the new enhanced settings we were making on the switch for QOS stuff. A lot of stuff did change. With Wireshark I began the quest to isolate the troubles. The folks in support and development where going down that same path of logic (routing) and we did some minor configs on the CS410, access was granted to SSL to the box and no immediate answer seemed plausible. So trying to reverse things, I downgraded a phone to 7.1.33 and automagically the trouble is resolved....


To Cut the meat - The Snom 360 release 7.3.7 is the culprit, on inbound calls.....the caller cannot hear the person that answered the phone..... (place that inbound caller on hold and pickup and Voila) and you can make all the outbound calls you want.


Additionally from a QOS perspective the web interface needs access to change the Diffserv values as opposed to an XML editor.


This occurs on both the 2992 and the 2993 release......



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Short answer: Don't use 7.3.7. There is no feature that you need for the pbxnsip PBX in that version.


BTW 7.1.35 was just released.


Fool me once, shame on you - Fool me twice, shame on me. I'll not let my enthusiasm bite me in the rear on this one. :-)

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