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snom deskphone PNP support


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in the PBX we found this version for snom firmwares.


{if_parm model snom300}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snom300-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom300}
{if_parm model snom320}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snom320-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom320}
{if_parm model snom345}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snomD345-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom345}
{if_parm model snom360}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snom360-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom360}
{if_parm model snom370}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snom370-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom370}
{if_parm model snom710}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snom710-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom710}
{if_parm model snom715}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snom715-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom715}
{if_parm model snom720}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snom720-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom720}
{if_parm model snom725}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snom725-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom725}
{if_parm model snom745}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snomD745-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom745}
{if_parm model snom760}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snom760-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom760}
{if_parm model snom765}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snomD765-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom765}
{if_parm model snom820}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snom820-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom820}
{if_parm model snom821}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snom821-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom821}
{if_parm model snom870}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snom870-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom870}
{if_parm model snom_mp}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snomMP-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom_mp}
{if_parm model snom_pa}<firmware perm="RW">htp://downloads.snom.com/fw/snomPA1-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom_pa}
This phones below are not inside in the file this phones are not supported via PNP or can the pbx provide new firmwares for this phones. ?
snom D3 Expansion Module
snom D305
snom D315
snom D320
snom D375
snom D715
snom D725
snom D765
snom M300 Dect
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