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Moving to a new server (after 4 years)


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We need to move the pbx to a new server. It's still running on WinServer 2008. All settings will stay the same. What would be the fastest way to do this. I did not find instruction in the Wiki. Please help me out with a link. Thank you.

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The easiest is just to install a new PBX fresh from the web site, e.g. 56.0. Then stop the service, copy the working directory over from the old server (except pbxctrl.exe and pbxctrl.dat) and restart the service. Then you can log in, activate the license and make a software upgrade to the latest version e.g. 58.0.

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Thank you for these instructions. The change was really easy and the pbx is up and running on the new sever.




the new web interface is a big step back in regards of usability. At least at this stage of development. Many pages don't display the information properly. Just a few examples (see attachments):


Extensions/Registration: IP number of extension is cut off. Pretty important for service issues.

List of extensions: Numbers cut off

Domain's call log not working


That's probably all CSS issues, but I'd rather prefer the information to be readable than to be hidden in an neat interface.









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Fair enough. The pages that are working are looking great though.


One last questions for this project:


The page Domains/Settings/Email/Email Setup (serverip/reg_email.htm) diplays the status of the currently used (email) servers at the very buttom. We have two lines there. One for the old and one for the new server (the email server was updated too). It seems there is still a qeue left from the old email setup. We don't need these mails anymore and it would be nice for this line to disappear . Where in the filesystem can I delete old email qeues?

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