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Version 58.1 Provisioning Server Redirection


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the redirection service from snom is for us not working anymore with the new version 58.1.

We see the mac address on the snom server and the telephone contact the pbx but no provision is going on.



any idea




[8] 19:19:23.040 PROV: HTTP: Received request for file snom320-000413.htm from 193.xxxxxxx
[8] 19:19:23.040 PROV: PnP: Extracted MAC 000413 for file snom320-000413.htm
[8] 19:19:23.040 PROV: Provisioning file snom320-000413.htm looking for MAC 000413
[8] 19:19:23.041 PROV: PnP: Using the credentials of 20@localhost for file snom_320.xml
[8] 19:19:23.042 PROV: HTTP: file snom320-000413.htm based on template snom_320.xml is sent to 193.xxxxxxxx
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we have connect the phone to version 58.1 also with the firmware but is not working, we see in the log the phone but in the display is displayed "HTTP password not set" it works at 57.2 (Debian64) with firmware
We have tested a snom 760 and this work on 58.1 without problems, we have so many snom 320
It is perhaps also a firmware problem?
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