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How to login in many queues from many extension on a phone

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I am testing with a Yealink phone. The yealink phone has 5 extensions on it. The pbx has 5 agent groups. 

Is it possible that one key can be set to connect ALL extensions to ALL agent groups?

For example: 

Extensions: 101, 102, 103, 104, 105
Agent Groups: 201, 202, 203, 204, 205

When pressing the button: 101 should login into 201, 102 into 202, 103 into 203...
When pressed again log-off all extensions.


Any idea?

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Did you try assigning 5 different buttons (there have to be 5 buttons as it can't be crammed up in 1 as the PBX has to know which agent is logging in/out from which AG) with different agent group and give it a go? It's still a little tricky for the buttons to know which extension belongs to which extensions. We might have to improvise. 

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The reason for so many extensions is that the customer is thinking about having 10 different agent group for inbound with 10 different DIDs, specific music on hold for each company (even when on hold from the phone) , and also be able to dial out showing different numbers corresponding to each agent group.

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