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Provision logo on Yealink phones


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No, I meant the https... Anyways, I modified the yealink PNP file:


wallpaper_upload.url = {http-url rest}/domain/{domain}/image/logo/480x272.jpg
phone_setting.backgrounds = Config:480x272.jpg


To:wallpaper_upload.url = http://www.myserver.com/images/yealinkbg.jpg
phone_setting.backgrounds = Config:yealinkbg.jpg


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For the web interface please use a SVG image. This will make sure that your logo will appear clear on all devices. For the provisioning of VoIP phones, please upload an image with a high resolution. The system will resize it according to the needs to the device.


Just be sure that you're on the latest 61.1 and the rest will be taken care of by the PBX.

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Thanks for quick reply and suggestion about upgrading, which needs to be done. Although i need to test caller id as i received other posts where people have concerns about this since the upgrade.

In the mean time, this is what i did to change the file:

#Configure the logo mode of the LCD screen; 0-Disabled (default), 1-System logo, 2-Custom logo;
phone_setting.lcd_logo.mode = 2

#Configure wallpaper
#wallpaper_upload.url =
wallpaper_upload.url = http://pbx-public-ip/Logos/t22p_logo.dob
#wallpaper_upload.url = {https-url rest}/domain/{domain}/image/logo/480x272.jpg
phone_setting.backgrounds = Config:480x272.jpg

My questions remain, we have three phone models, old T22P and T28P, and a new T29G, which is colour. How do i set it up to load 3 different sizes and one with colour.

Do  i still need a .dob file, as per the Yealink website

How do i set this up for some phones in the domain, as some phones will be loaded with these changes and some wont, according to their location preferences.

I hope these questions arent rudimentary but we have always used our own system for provisioning but would like to start using Vodia.




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Not sure about the 22 and 28P model but we do have the entry for 29G model and it should be in this format:

#Configure wallpaper
{if_model T29G T46G T38G T32G}
wallpaper_upload.url = {http-url}/logo-480x272.jpg
phone_setting.backgrounds = Config:logo-480x272.jpg

So please keep it in this format and remove .dob file settings from there and it should work as it currently works on our T58 model sitting on our desk.

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The idea about the logo is that this a a company logo - usually easily presentable as a vector with colors. The problem is that most VoIP phones today take a very technical view on it and provide a mechanism to upload a wall paper which on some phones stays there even if there is a call going on. This is not the same thing. 

We are now provisioning well over 100 different models that have color displays. It is not very easy to keep up with new displays and user interfaces - it would be great if new VoIP phone firmware would be able to pull a PNG or SVG image and handle the logo display locally and properly.

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