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Outbound Dialing


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The outbound dialing feature is not clear for us.

The numbers in the list are processed by the system, if the call is successful press # and the system sets an OK is working 

If the call is not accepted or was not successful you can press * to move it to the back but the * has no function for us, how to use this

How to count the Attempt we have no number here

Any setup to display the name (from the list) on the phone it makes sense that the name of the caller is shown on the display





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Once you get the call, you have to answer it and the system will set an OK. Hope that works fine for you?

And then it increments your "Attempt" statistics. It's incremented only if the call was successful.

If it's an outbound call then the display of the name can be handled from the trunk settings under " SIP caller-ID presentation" settings.

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