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Caller ID While On Call / Call Waiting


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Version 58.0

Build Jun 20, 2017

Snom 715 Phone

I'm having issues where when a call comes into ring group, and client is already on a call he is getting a flash/audible beep, but the caller ID isn't showing the incoming call #.  This is an issue because he can't differentiate between if its important enough for him to pick up, or let it go to voicemail.  Is there a way to resolve this?  Thanks so much!  Snom 715 phones.

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@r5-ng Yes I tried testing it. It shows a little icon for an incoming call but it doesn't show the phone # (issue explained in the beginning).  If I click the softkey, it then answers the call (and shows the phone #).  @ahennis@voicespring.net i will check the phone settings to verify if that setting is on or off and let you all know.  Thanks.

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