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Select Tunk at time of call


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I have a client two trunks, each with their own number.

At time of call, client wishes to be able to easily select what trunk they call out on, so the CID is displayed to the recipient correctly.

This is actually a common requirement as many companies these days have multiple numbers they wish to use to dial out on depending on the context of the call.

I can see many ways of achieving this using individual Service Flags and trunks or pre-dial codes.

I'd prefer not to use predial codes, as this makes for confusion with Call history presentation and people forget to dial the precode.

My preferred option would be to use two functions keys. The one lit red would indicate the trunk that would be used when that handset makes a call.

Ideally when the other function key is pressed, it would go red and the other would turn off. they would toggle. Same as radio buttons do.

Not sure how I would easily achieve this though (on a per handset basis).

Thoughts and ideas appreciated.



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11 hours ago, Support said:



Won't the dial plans be the best option for this scenario for you? Please check this link out https://vodia.com/doc/domain_dialplans#Parts_of_a_Dial_Plan

Are you suggesting the user dials a prefix before the number? For example to dial 0299991234 on trunk 1 they would prefix with 99 so the complete number would be 990299991234 and to dial out on trunk 2 they would dial prefix 98 making the complete number dialed 980299991234?

The issue with this is the handsets then don't match up CallerID to incoming calling number presentation.

Also clients who I have set this up for in the past complain the number is the redial list is not easy to read at a glance.

Was hoping for a less tech way and more practical user friendly way, such as "Select Trunk" then dial number.

Was looking for any ideas on how this might be able to be achieved. Maybe there is no way and this may be just a limitation of the PBX.

With legacy key phone systems the user would select the line and then dial the number, hence giving them easy control over what number they dial out on. I'm not wanting to go back to the dark ages of key systems, but it would be nice to have in the IP world an easy way for users to select on what trunk they wish to use, then dial the number.

Would Co Lines be an options? I've read these do not work so well.

All opinions and ideas welcome.

Thanks, Greg



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